UNclassical Musicians

This year, together with fellow saxophonist from the CvA Mateusz Pusiewicz, we started a YouTube channel speaking about topics about music! It has been an exciting and enlightening journey so far!

Here are some of our videos! For more, don’t forget to hit the red subscribe button πŸ™‚


My Concert Experience

Paganini Lost and Found: The Origins and Impact of Caprice No. 24

Throwback to 14th of September, we were invited to perform as part of a lecture/recital at NAFA for The Philharmonic Orchestra’s concert,Β LutosΕ‚awski Tonight! This trio comprises of myself (saxophone), Alexis Seah (saxophone) and Jessica Leong (piano); we performed Jun Nagao’s Paganini Lost for two alto saxophones and piano. It was interesting listening to the discussion and the different arrangements and compositions inspired by Paganini’s 24th violin caprice.

Here’s the review of the event:Β

To end off, instead of Paganini’s 24th caprice here’s my performanceΒ of Paganini’sΒ 1st Caprice (arr. Raaf Hekkema):

My Concert Experience

New Video Update

My teacher, Tarko Sibbel and myself performing Steven Galante’s Diminishing Returns (Sax Sounds III) for two alto saxophones and electronic delay. Please enjoy!

Side-note: Unprecedented laughter from the audience at the start because we got locked out of the hall (despite being 4 pieces into the recital) resulting in us entering from the left of the stage! Haha!

Thankyou to all who attended All Things Different! (17 November 2015)