John Bruce Yeh and The Singapore Wind Symphony

Had the wonderful privilege to perform the world premiere of local Singaporean, Mr. Benjamin Yeo’s Chopsuey together with the Singapore Wind Symphony. In the composer’s words:

This piece is a scherzo (‘joke’) with a whirlwind of musical clichés that bring to mind the heritage of America, elements of Chinese culture and also music written for the versatile Clarinet, beloved in many musical genres. Many absurd stereotypes are really like “Chopsuey” – a dish made popular by Chinese takeaways all over America but in fact does not exist in Chinese cuisine at all, ironically, making it very American indeed.

It was my favourite piece of the evening with very clever and relatable extended techniques including mimicking eating sounds. It was a concert entitled John Bruce Yeh and The Singapore Wind Symphony at the Singapore School of the Arts Concert Hall on the 24th of April, 2016. I hope you enjoy the video!

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